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3rd Annual Substance Use in the Workplace Conference

After a 3-year hiatus due to COVID, it was great to be back to meeting in person for the 3rd Annual event hosted by Precision Medical Monitoring. With representatives from over 20 public and private organizations, it was an opportunity to meet, share experiences and learn in a collaborative setting.

The full-day meeting took place in Vancouver.

Developed for HR Professionals, Lawyers, Occupational Medical Health Professionals, Benefit Providers, Professional Oversight Organization Representatives, Disability Management Personnel, Union Representatives, Labour Relations Professionals, Small, Medium and Large Employers.

Presentations included

  • Recent Developments in the Caselaw of Substance Use in the Workplace

  • Thinking clearly ? Abstinence and Cognitive Functioning in the Workplace.

  • Psychedelics in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

  • Advancements in testing - Oral fluid, PEth and Psychedelics

  • Determining Whether a Substance Use Disorder Caused or Contributed to a Particular Action or Behaviour - Causation Analysis

  • Coherence Analysis - Does the Story Hang Together?

  • Is Medical Cannabis less impairing than Recreational Cannabis?

  • Is Breathalyzer Testing Sufficient Without Urine and/or Blood analysis?

  • Are 12-Step Mutual Help Groups Effective? Latest Research

This is a once-yearly event focused on providing practical information to attendees that can be take back to work setting.

We are already planning next year's event based upon feedback and suggestions for future topics. Looking forward to the 4th Annual event.

Dr. Alan Brookstone


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