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Dr. Alan Brookstone

Program Administrator


Tara Hall MA, RCC

Medical Monitor | Clinical

Program Coordinator


Sandra Hersch

Senior Program Manager

Lennie Engelage 2020May27.jpg

Lennie Engelage

Executive Assistant | Office Manager

Dr. Alan Brookstone is an addiction medicine physician with 30+ years of clinical experience and over 15 years as a user of Electronic Health Records and information technology in clinical settings. He provides strategic leadership to Precision Medical Monitoring and quality assurance for all programs and services. Email 

Tara Hall is a medical monitor and clinical coordinator. She completed her Master of Counselling at City University of Seattle and has completed her SAP and MROA training. In addition to her role as a monitor, Tara 

coordinates care for clients returning from residential treatment who require re-assessment or return to work evaluations. Email

Sandra Hersch has over 25 years of experience as a medical office assistant and program manager and has completed her MROCC certification. She has substantial 

expertise working with office processes and procedures and coordinates operations at Precision Medical Monitoring. Email

Lennie Engelage has worked in a wide range of administrative settings with special expertise in transcription and copy editing as well as managing intricate documentation systems. Lennie manages the Vancouver office.



Patrice Gower

Medical Monitor | Recovery Services Specialist

Yasmin Layne.jpg

Yasmin Layne

Medical Monitor


Sabrina Fernando

Executive Assistant | Office Manager

Patrice Gower has worked in Disability Management and Rehabilitation Consulting for nearly 30 years. During this time she has provided in-house rehabilitation, disability management and return to work consulting services for major insurers and large public employers. She brings this vast experience to her role as Medical Monitor. Email

Yasmin is a medical monitor and nurse and with 20 Years of Addiction Nursing experience including withdrawal management, residential treatment and urgent addiction coordination in emergency department settings. She has developed programs for Alcohol & Drug Services throughout the Lower Mainland. Email

Sabrina Creta has extensive experience in customer service and administration, in additional to exceptional organizational skills. Sabrina manages the Surrey office. Contact Sabrina regarding booking availability and for any additional questions. Email

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