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Dr. Jennifer Melamed and Dr. Maire Durnin-Goodman established Precision Medical Monitoring Ltd. in 2014 in order to provide additional choice as well as improve on the quality and comprehensiveness of monitoring services in British Columbia. An added benefit was improved access to monitoring services for individuals based in the Fraser Valley who could more easily access the Surrey office location. Precision Medical Monitoring Ltd. has two offices, one in Surrey and one in Vancouver

Since inception, Precision has worked with local laboratories to improve their practices, including split specimen collections, validity testing and standardization procedures.  We have successfully advocated for extended panels in testing and facilitating booking procedures to minimize inconvenience. Precision Medical Monitoring also introduced PEth testing in British Columbia, a blood test for extended detection of alcohol consumption.

Medical monitoring is the standard of practice for individuals with problematic substance use in the setting of safety sensitive and decision critical work because a recovering individual’s relapse represents a potential operational risk to the setting in which they work. It is widely established that individuals who struggle with alcohol or drugs in safety sensitive jobs require abstinence as a condition of continued employment. Medical Monitoring is supported by the
Canadian Railway Medical Rules Handbook 2022 (pages 160-168), WorkSafeBC and the Canadian Human Rights Act.  
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