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Falsely Accused MDs Cleared of Wrongdoing

Since inception in 2014, Precision Medical Monitoring has been focused on providing high quality, legally compliant monitoring services for clients in British Columbia. Founders, Dr. Jennifer Melamed and Dr. Maire Durnin-Goodman have decades of experience managing patients with addiction disorders and have also conducted Independent Medical Examinations on many individuals who work in safety sensitive occupations. Throughout this time, Precision and our physicians have been fully compliant with standards and guidelines published by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.

Enhancements, Quality and Access

  1. Precision has worked closely with local laboratories to improve their practices in areas such as split specimen collections, validity testing and standardization procedures;

  2. We successfully advocated for extended panels in testing and improved booking procedures to minimize patient inconvenience at local laboratory collection sites;

  3. Precision was the first medical monitoring services provider in BC to introduce PEth testing, a blood test for the extended detection of alcohol consumption;

  4. By establishing offices in Surrey and Vancouver, Precision has also been able to increase access to medical monitoring services in the Lower Mainland.

Clarifying Statement on Conflict of Interest - CPSBC

Following conflict of interest accusations by a small special interest group in BC and re-published by DATAC, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia released a clarifying statement. The accusations related to Dr. Melamed and Dr. Durnin's ownership of Precision and the fact that they provide IME services.

The college stated:

Registrants who are addiction medicine specialists possess the skill and knowledge to establish and provide biological monitoring services. The same registrants who own or operate biological monitoring companies often have the requisite skill and knowledge to conduct independent medical exams (IMEs) and provide opinions on the management of substance use disorders in safety-sensitive occupations.

The College Board has adopted practice standards, which apply to registrants who perform IMEs and who also may have a business interest in providing biological monitoring services.

The standards establish minimum expectations of professional conduct concerning a registrant’s relationship with industry and business ventures they may pursue. The standards do not prohibit registrants who perform IMEs from having a financial interest in a biological monitoring company or participating in the monitoring of workers in safety-sensitive occupations. However, the College’s expectation is that such arrangements must be managed to ensure that any real or perceived conflict of interest is addressed.

Dr. Alan Brookstone, Program Administrator for Precision Medical Monitoring provided an interview to DATAC referencing the College's statement.


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