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COVID-19 Update

Mask Policy

October 3, 2023: Due to the increased prevalence of Covid during the fall and the risk to both our staff and clients who attend a Precision Medical Monitoring office for either monitoring or medical evaluations, we are re-implementing a masking policy until further notice. We will re-evaluate this policy frequently and will adjust as necessary.

Our Services


Requirements for monitoring are individualized to the client's needs as detailed in the Independent Medical Evaluation, which is usually part of the return to work process. These requirements form the basis for the development of a Monitoring Contract (Relapse Prevention Agreement). The Relapse Prevention Agreement is signed by the client and Precision Medical Monitoring and a copy is provided to the oversight body or bodies. Regular reports are thereafter provided to the oversight bodies as part of the monitoring process. Beginning November 2023, Monitoring Services will be provided in Alberta. 

Contact Precision for further information or to arrange monitoring services in Alberta or British Columbia



Our physicians are available to provide Independent Medical Evaluations for individuals who have been identified with substance use issues that require further assessment or management. If an IME is completed by one of our principal physicians and medical monitoring is recommended, monitoring services can be provided by Precision Medical Monitoring if requested by the client. In this situation, the physician who conducted the IME will not in any way participate in the monitoring process.

Contact us for further information or to arrange an IME




Suite 650 - 943 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E1

Tel: 778 379-0077

Fax: 604 255-0044


8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Monday - Friday 


11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Please arrive by 1:00 pm

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Suite 200 - 14888 104 Ave

Surrey, BC V3R 1M4

Tel: 778 927-5826

Fax: 604 312-0073

8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Monday - Friday 

Weekends and Stat Holidays

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Please arrive by 1:00 pm



"Monitoring has helped set me up for a future life of sobriety. With strict, structured monitoring, I have a strong foundation to continue living a sober lifestyle and being a productive member of society. It is more than just a voice on the phone telling me I have to go to the lab. It is now becoming a way of life for me. Needing to follow through with going to meetings and finding a sponsor is mandatory. In the past I did not do these key things. I became complacent, resulting in relapses. At first the process seemed very daunting, however over time it has become a second nature. Monitoring has saved my life."

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