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We passionately believe that individuals with substance use disorders can achieve successful return to work outcomes with the appropriate supportive management. Medical monitoring is a critical requirement in order to achieve and maintain abstinence and accountability. This in turn enhances the confidence of the employer and the individual as well as providing an early intervention mechanism, should a slip/relapse occur.


All safety sensitive workers (by definition) have a responsibility to the public. Because of this, it is important to ensure abstinence for overall public welfare and to ensure the safety of the public at large. This is achieved by comprehensive treatment and continued monitoring.



Requirements for monitoring are individualized to the client's needs as detailed in the Independent Medical Evaluation, which is usually part of the return to work process. These requirements form the basis for the development of a Monitoring Contract (Relapse Prevention Agreement). The Relapse Prevention Agreement is signed by the client and Precision Medical Monitoring and a copy is provided to the oversight body or bodies. Regular reports are thereafter provided to the oversight bodies as part of the monitoring process.


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Our physicians and monitors set the standard for monitoring excellence. In addition to their roles as medical directors, our physicians work on a daily basis in clinical practice settings managing individuals with a wide range of substance use disorders. They are both clinical instructors for the department of family practice at the University of British Columbia.


Areas in which our physicians have daily clinical experience include residential treatment in private and public settings, behavioral addiction disorders and management of addictions in correctional facilities.



In addition to monitoring services, our physicians are available to provide Independent Medical Evaluations for individuals who have been identified with substance use issues that require further assessment or management. If an IME is completed by one of our principal physicians and medical monitoring is recommended, monitoring services can be provided by Precision Medical Monitoring if requested by the client. In this situation, the physician who conducted the IME will not in any way participate in the monitoring process.


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