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The Medication Guide for a Safe Recovery

Earley Consultancy, LLC - March 2014


This free Medication Guide for a Safe Recovery is used in hundreds of treatment centers and addiction medicine offices across the United States. It thoughtfully divides medications into three categories, A (Safe), B (Grey Zone) and C (Unsafe) for recovery. Patients, staff and families use this guide to ensure that medications they are prescribed will not reactivate relapse and derail their hard won recovery. In addition, this guide also contains a list of over the counter medications that do not contain alcohol. Download and take the guide to the pharmacy when selecting medications for symptom relief from cold, the flu and other conditions. The guide should be used to supplement and not replace the advice of your addiction physician and other professionals.

Talbot Recovery Medication Guide for a Safe Recovery


The Talbott Recovery Medication Guide for a Safe Recovery provides categorized products that should only be taken with the approval and the knowledge and consent of an addiction recovery physician. This is an updated version of the Earley guide, but does require completion of a form in order to download.

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