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Precision Medical Monitoring provides monitoring services for individuals with substance use disorders who are currently working or returning to work after completing treatment and who are required by their employer to be monitored.



Employment related programs

Monitoring for safety sensitive / safety critical positions*

Monitoring for non-safety sensitive positions

Family / Legal programs

Monitoring as a condition of custody




After a request for referral has been received, the process begins with a meeting between Precision and the client. If required, this may be preceded by an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME). The IME forms the basis for an individual's monitoring program. All monitoring programs are developed based upon and the requirements of the employer (in employment related programs) or other individuals (in family / legal programs).


Contact us for further information on our monitoring programs or to arrange an Independent Medical Evaluation.


*Canadian Human Rights Commission definition: A safety-sensitive position is one in which incapacity due to drug or alcohol impairment could result in direct and significant risk of injury to the employee, others or the environment. When determining whether a job is safety sensitive, one must consider the context of the industry, the particular workplace and an employee’s direct involvement in a high-risk operation. Any definition must take into account the role of properly trained supervisors, and the checks and balances present in the workplace.



"Monitoring has helped set me up for a future life of sobriety. With strict, structured monitoring, I have a strong foundation to continue living a sober lifestyle and being a productive member of society. It is more than just a voice on the phone telling me I have to go to the lab. It is now becoming a way of life for me. Needing to follow through with going to meetings and finding a sponsor is mandatory. In the past I did not do these key things. I became complacent, resulting in relapses. At first the process seemed very daunting, however over time it has become a second nature. Monitoring has saved my life."

"After I left treatment, the thought of monitoring appeared cumbersome and unnecessary. That was delusion talking. Monitoring has proven to be the opposite for me.  Accountability has been a large part of my recovery. Monitoring allows for that. The staff at Precision have been understanding and a part of my recovery. The check-ins are time effective and work with my busy schedule. I am a Soberlink participant and it assists me as a daily reminder of putting my sobriety first. I am thankful for the staff at Precision. As time passes, the monitoring requirements change and lessen. I am seeing the results in my life and feel confident that I can stay sober, which was not possible for me prior to these accountability measures."


“As both a client of Precision Medical Monitoring and an employer of over 50 employees, I can attest that medical monitoring ensures continuing compliance and personal accountability for one’s actions. As an extension of the holistic approach of rehabilitation provided through care and treatment programs, medical monitoring delivers results and enhances an employee’s chances for a meaningful recovery and return to work: one day at a time.”


“When I was first offered the opportunity to enter into a monitoring program early in my recovery, I was apprehensive about the inconvenience it would bring; it seemed punitive. However, I soon came to see it not as punishment but as help and support. It kept my recovery in my thoughts on a daily basis and gave me confidence in dealing with difficult situations.”


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